Monday, September 05, 2005

stupid moms boyfriend

omg my mom isnt gunna be picking us up cuz she is too busy with her stupid boyfriend!! i cant believe it!! i hate joel so much! ever since he came around its just been more problems. he is so freakin messed up! him n my mom r trying to buy a freakin million dollar house!! gosh he is so stupid!! well im so sick of it. n my dad was talking to me about it and he is like well dont u feel upset about it. and i just said well u get used to it. its not the first time she did sumthing like that!!well its just so stupid how she does those kinds of things!! it bugs me so much and yet she says that me n my bro r the most important things in her life it doesnt even seem like it!!

parental trust

lets just make this simple my parents dont trust me